Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 2013 Garden Tour

I finally planted my garden.  And, since I am weird, and enjoy viewing what other gardeners are out planting, I have decided to give a picture tour of what I have so far.

May 2013 Garden Tour
Arial view of the major garden.  Not much to see yet, except for the strawberries and golden raspberries on the left.
Most everything was planted from seed, but you can see the carrots coming up in the top right corner.

I have 7 rows in this garden, and I have drip hoses connected to the sprinkling system.  Super handy...

Here is the front view.  The strawberries are doing fantastic!  They were planted last year.

Look at all of those blossoms!  I can't wait!

Here we have cilantro, romaine lettuce on the left and swiss chard on the right.  All from seed this year.

 Red Chantaney and Danvers Half Long carrots.  These were planted from seed in April.


Red Globe and Yellow Sweet Spanish Onions, planted from seed in April.

This is one of my 8 tomato plants grown from seed indoors starting in April.  This is a Tom's Yellow Wonder.

 2 of my 12 pepper plants, grown from seed indoors.

 Asparagus!  This is the 2nd year, so I won't be harvesting anything again until they are better established.

 Bear Lake Raspberries!

These will be ready for picking in a month or so!

I also have a small corner garden at the other end of the yard.

 Sugar snap peas from seed

 2 of my 5 potato plants.  The large one in back came up all by itself, I must have missed digging up a few from last year.

 These are extra strawberry plants that my large patch produced from runners over the winter.  They should be nice and big by next year.

Just thought I'd share what I've been up to this past week.  I'll update again once the rest of the seeds come up!

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  1. Very impressive! Not to mention I'm incredibly jealous. I've NEVER had success with strawberries!