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All About FoodStorage.com

The next food storage company review:

FoodStorage.com is a fairly new company on the market today (launched in 2013), but have been quickly making a name for themselves.  As the official owners of Nutristore, they have a "nutrition-focused, budget-conscious and shelf-stable food storage choice for your family."

They offer a variety of freeze dried and dehydrated fruits, vegetables and meats, as well as dairy products, eggs, legumes, grains, and ready to eat meal options.

They also carry a decent selection of water storage and filtration equipment (primarily aquamira and sawyer), as well as emergency preparedness products, and some worthwhile collections in home preservation.  In addition to nutristore, they carry a variety of Mountain House products as well.

Online.  They do have some dealers that carry their product, but as of right now, there is no 'brick and mortar' store for you to peruse.  You can visit their full site at FoodStorage.com.

One of the things I was most excited to find was the herb and spice variety bucket.  Spices are extremely overlooked when it comes to food storage and prepping, and this bucket is a great way to store them for up to 15 years!
Individually packaged in resealable mylar pouches, these are much cheaper per ounce than what you can purchase in the grocery store, but sealed for long term!

And, because I love you, (and because I love cooking and realize the need for spices in my own life and food storage needs), if interested you can follow this link to

But seriously, I get excited about things like spice buckets and instant garbanzo beans; basically anything that adds variety to my personal collection, and they have quiet a few things that fit this category.  Which brings me to the things I like about them:

In addition to the spice bucket, they do offer items that I cannot find anywhere else.  Off the top of my head: instant garbanzo beans, dehydrated tomato pieces, cabbage, the 30 day emergency food pack, and individually packaged peanut butter (not powder).

The D.I.Y. Marketplace section of their site.  Check it out.  Mylar bags and buckets for filling yourself, canning equipment, sprouting, garden seeds...  I love food storage variety, especially beyond the #10 can, and these guys have options.

Customer Service.  I am a pretty thorough person.  I may or may not have sent them a very lengthly email with 20+ specific, detailed questions which demanded a lot of effort on their part to answer.  They got back to me promptly and answered them perfectly.

Realistic Shelf Life on ready to eat meals, (pouches).  I could talk about this for some time.  Lets just say, the majority of companies out there claim to have a (up to) 25 year shelf life on products in pouches just like the ones this company offers.  If you are a 'just add water' meal prepper, I hope you wont be discouraged from this company because they don't advertise what other companies shouldn't.  (I'll step down from my soap box now...)

Free shipping on orders over $199.  THIS IS HUGE!  You simply will not find this anywhere else.  This is just a standard, everyday thing they do over there (as of right now), and I love them for it.  Shipping costs can be a deal breaker for some, especially if you are purchasing big items like water barrels and buckets - but this free shipping offer applies to everything they carry!  If you are just testing the water and aren't ready for a $200 purchase, here is another great promotion they are running right now:

Though they have some things difficult to find anywhere else, compared to others, they don't have the biggest selection of freeze dried and dehydrated foods.  Because of this they would not be my #1 go to choice, but if you haven't noticed, I really like the idea of supplementing, and they, like everyone else, have their place in my food storage plan.  However, keep in mind that they are a new company, and from what I hear, they are on the lookout to expand inventory.

Just like everybody else, they definitely have their place.  If you haven't already, it is worth checking them out at FoodStorage.com.  Browse their About Us and FAQ pages, as well as their Prepper Feed and Blog for educational insights to preparedness.  And while your at it, go ahead and sign up for their newsletter (they won't bombard you with daily emails like some companies do).

I hope you continue to find the content on this blog to be useful and informative.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or feel free to comment below.  If you've missed the other posts in this series, you can view them all below:

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