Thursday, August 20, 2015

All About Zaycon Fresh

If you've missed our first two posts about food storage companies, you can read more about them here:

The next food storage company I want to tell you about is Zaycon Fresh.  Your one stop shop for fresh meats sold at bulk prices, Zaycon Fresh is making its way across the nation, offering great prices for quality product.

Only the best quality chicken, pork, beef, fish, turkey, and some occasional grilling accessories.  Each product is offered at different times throughout the year, so depending on when you check the site, more may be available at a later date than what you are seeing at the moment.
Click here for a list of products available.

You browse online for the items you wish to purchase, select the date for pickup at your nearest location, check out, and enjoy fresh (or frozen) quality meat year round.
Watch this quick video for an overview of the company and how it all works.

For a complete list of locations near you, click here.
Or you can shop by events.

Most everything Zaycon Fresh sells is in bulk.  If this is too much for you, try sharing with a friend!  I like to freeze it so I can enjoy the savings for the next several months, as well as canning!

I like the quality.  They pride themselves on grass fed beef, without hormones or antibiotics.  Their chicken is all natural, without artificial ingredients.  And with every product I've tried, I've been completely satisfied.

They have several locations and events near my house; it is easy to find a time and place that works for me.

I signed up to receive their emails, so I know when new products are available and when they are closer to selling out of something.

My only dislike of Zaycon Fresh is having to purchase items in advance of receiving them.  Sometimes it is 2-3 months after I purchase the product that I get to pick it up.  This can put strain on my grocery budget by shelling out money without an immediate return.
I will note that you can order up until the day before the event, but in a lot of cases they sell out, so you want to be sure and order before then.

If you haven't already done so, sign up now to create an account.  Once you have, thanks to the referral program, you can receive discounts on future purchases!  Share your unique code with friends and family and you'll earn Zaycon credits with each new customer you refer: $5 the first time they order and pick up at a sales event, and $1 for every order after that.  There is no limit to how much you could earn!

In addition to the referral program, Zaycon also extends the offer for you to help at your pick up location.  Upon checkout, you will have the option to help distribute product in exchange for Zaycon credit; good towards any future purchases.

They also do a lot of giveaways.

I'd love to hear what your favorite products from Zaycon Fresh are.  I keep going back for the boneless, skinless chicken breasts, the 93/7 ground beef, and the breakfast sausage links.  I'm currently waiting for my next event: kielbasa!

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