Thursday, September 3, 2015

All About Alpine Food Storage

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The company I will be reviewing today is Alpine Food Storage

Alpine Food Storage is a small, family owned company tucked back in the beautiful Highland, Utah.  They operate out of a store attached to their house, and their employees consist of all of their children (seriously).  More neighborly than business, they offer everything from wheat, to Redmond salt and clay, to raw honey and freeze dried foods.


Alpine Food Storage
11800 North 6000 West
Highland, Utah 84003

They have a very unique approach to food storage (which I love), as stated on their website:
"Rather than selling you a one-time, generic, 30-year food kit that contains ingredients you don't want and don't need, we are dedicated to providing you with quality products that not only last, but will coincide with your individual eating style."

This results in a great variety of products, the offering of which positions them somewhere in-between a grocery store, farmers market, and preparedness company.
They literally sell everything and anything that becomes available to them, and they pride themselves on quality.

The Experience.  This can be both a good thing, and a bad thing, depending on your perspective.  The store is essentially their garage.  You ring a doorbell and walk in - sometimes someone is there, sometimes not.  If empty, a child or the mother will enter from the house, most often with a baby on her hip.  This is very much a family business, and is professionally handled as such.  The younger aged boys are responsible for loading items into the trunk of your car, which you park in their driveway.

Classes.  From foot zoning to essential oils, they host a variety of informative and instructional classes out of the commercial kitchen they have.

In addition to everything listed above, you can definitely find some great sales here.  When it goes on sale, its a bargain - you aren't likely to find a better deal anywhere.

Canning equipment, fresh garden produce, meats, frozen fruits and veggies, bulk spices, food buckets/containers, etc., etc.  They've got a great selection of stuff I need regularly, but isn't readily available at local grocery stores.

Availability.  Unlike most companies who keep a large inventory on hand at all times, it is not uncommon for them to be out of stock.  And in some cases, this can last for several months.

Location.  I live relatively close which is a huge bonus for me, but they aren't necessarily close to anything, including the freeway.  Though they do make offerings and deliveries along the Wasatch Front, if I didn't live locally, I wouldn't frequent them.

Pricing.  Although they have amazing sales, the rest of their offerings are not too great.  It's either a great deal, or a horrible one.  I rarely find an in-between on pricing here.

Yes.  You can fill out an order form online and email it to them directly.  Although in my experience, the ordering process has been much more efficient by calling and talking directly over the phone, rather than going through the online ordering process (this was a few years back, so the online system may have improved since).

Though they offer all of the basics, what keeps me going back is their specialty items.  Things like 50 pound bags of popcorn kernels, 16oz containers of almond extract, citric acid, bulk packages of fennel and mustard seed... things that are difficult to find 'just anywhere', but they sell for incredible pricing.
If you are ever in the area they are definitely worth checking out.  I would also recommend signing up for their emails.

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