Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Food Storage Deals in October

October is the month to stock up on all Mountain House!  
You can purchase these discounted products at the following locations:

Mountain House Sale at 
(click on the On Sale tab at the top)

Mountain House Sale from Emergency Essentials, as well as their

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared
Before the winter months set in, squirrels and other animals scavenge for food, storing up in abundance what they’ll need to get them through until the winter snows melt and the spring blossoms bloom once again. Throughout October, we’re helping you unleash your inner squirrel to stock up for the future with our Annual Stock Up Sale! Here’s how this sale will help you save even more than normal:  1) Lower bulk prices means buying 6 or more cans bring even greater savings.  2) All year supplies of food are discounted even further. 3) Low prices help you stock up with more even faster.
You can save big when you buy food storage items on special. A great way to save on your food storage needs is to visit the Augason Farms Food Storage Sale page. Buying food storage items from our sale page gives you the chance to get deep discounts on emergency food items.
Now through October 8th, you can save up to 40%:

Get a taste of fall with these
October Specials
from Thrive Life.

Also, take advantage of free shipping on all starter kits this month:
Oct 1—31 Free Shipping on starter kits
Whether you are a seasoned prepper or are just starting out building your food storage, there has never been a better time to sign up as a consultant with this month's starter kit promotion!

Starter Kits Give You:
  • All the supplies needed to start a business (or not!  You can use all of these items for personal use!)
  • Tons of food at a discount
  • Ability to earn commission on future purchases!
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