Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Free Class this Saturday: Go to Bag / Get Home Bag / 72 Hour Kit

Thought I'd share this fictional story along with the information for an upcoming workshop on "Bags" 

Here's a scenario to think about.

A family lives in the Utah County area and the husband works in Sandy Utah as an engineer.

On a Tuesday afternoon, about 2:34 p.m., a 7.1 earthquake rocks the Wasatch front for 51 seconds.

There is untold millions of dollars in damage to buildings, homes and businesses. Roads are destroyed, bridges are taken out and landslides are found all up and down the front.

The husband needs to get home NOW!  He jumps in his vehicle and heads for the freeway, and after 3 hours, gets close enough to see that it is closed, along with both frontage roads. No one is going anywhere! There's always Redwood road but that involves bridges and more hours of trying to get over there with the hope that traffic is still flowing. Then he remembers the road over Suncrest, so he heads that direction. Remember the landslides? The pass over Suncrest has had 3 on the north side and 1 big one on the south side of the mountain. He is sealed off.

Because he has a pretty good EDC, hiking/walking boots and a few other items on him he decides that he can hike over Suncrest and get home. He opens the trunk and pulls out his GHB and goes through it to make sure it has what he will need to stay hydrated and energized for the 3 hours he thinks it will take him to get home. He slips the pack on and heads out before it gets too dark.

He does make it home, but it takes 6 1/2 hours to get there, most of it in the dark. He is worn out and shell-shocked with what he saw along the way. He is sure glad he had extra batteries for the flashlight. Even using it only sparingly, it still took two sets of batteries.

Now that he is home he finds the house has been damaged, but is still inhabitable, which is more than you can say for many of the homes he passed while trying to get home. His wife is there as are all of the kids. But, they have some wild tales to tell about what it took to get the kids from school and everyone else home. Thank heaven for the EDC the kids had at school, and the GHB in his wife's car.

Now comes the long and miserable task of getting on with life without power or other modern conveniences. At least they are all home and safe. OOPS, remember those landslides? The creek in American Fork Canyon has been dammed up since the earthquake. The authorities are coming around and telling everyone in the area that the dam is about to be topped and the water may come down the canyon with such a debris flow that it may hit their houses. They can't seem to catch a break. Everyone survived the earthquake and has settled into the business of getting back to living and now their house may be hit by flood waters, and they have to leave in the next 2 hours.

It's time to throw that GOOD kit in the minivan and get to safety. They remove the back seats and fill the vehicle with the GOOD kit, blankets and a tent, but there isn't room for everyone to ride. They put the younger kids in the passenger seat and mom in the driver seat and everyone else gets to walk. Uphill is the only safe way, so they slowly head into Alpine, hoping there is still room in one of the parks to set up the tent. They have no idea how long they will be away from their home, or how long it will take until help comes, so they hope their GOOD kit has enough to keep them going until help arrives.

Come find out what EDC and GHB and GOOD kits are, how to make them, and how to put them together for your family’s situation.  They are like insurance. You hope you never have to use them, but you may be very glad you have them, if you do need them.

When:  Saturday, February 20th at 10:00 am
Where:  Avonmore building at 5848 W. 11100 N. Highland, Ut 84003

Here is a calendar of some additional workshops, all on upcoming Saturdays:

Highland Stake Preparation Classes
Feb. 20 Go to bag/Get home Bag/72 hr. kit
Mar 19 Emergency sink/shower/ and much more
Apr 16 Meals in a jar/bag/and bottle your own meat
May 21 The best cooking tool to have “Sun Oven”
All classes are held in the Avenmore Building at 10:00am

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